The Maverick Wreck

Laying outside of Mt Irvine Bay, this wreck once was an inter island transport vessel. Purposely sunk after doing its time, sits in a depth of 100 ft (30m).

Depth Range

100ft / 30m

Likely to Encounter:

Nurse Sharks • Black Tip Reef Sharks • Moray Eels • Hawksbill Turtles • Rock Beauties • Rainbow Runners • Giant Trevallies • Thousands of Schooling and Beautiful Reef Fish Species

Chance to Encounter:

Great Hammerheads • Manta Rays • Eagle Rays • Mobula Rays • Leatherback Turtles • Green Turtles • Olive Ridley Turtles • Whale Sharks • Bull Sharks • Tiger Sharks • Nurse Sharks