Englishman’s Bay • Tequila Shots

Situated in between Englishman’s bay and Little Englishman’s bay, this dive site offers a variety of landscapes all in one this dive heads in a westerly direction. Boulder formations at the beginning of the dive, seeping into some rubble sand areas, divers are greeted by yellow head jawfish peeping out of their burrows. A very good area to find the spectacular Colossal Jaw fish, can make for an extreme macro photo-op if their mouths are filled with the next generation of eggs. After cruising over what seems to be a desert underwater, a huge outcropping of rock can be found, overwhelming with life around its huge walls. Mature bottom dwellers may be found here like the great Black Groupers, Cubera Snappers, and a few huge pelagic Tarpon also make up the community here.

Depth Range

+ 130ft / 40mt

Likely to Encounter:

Nurse Sharks • Black Tip Reef Sharks • Moray Eels • Hawksbill Turtles • Rock Beauties • Rainbow Runners • Giant Trevallies • Thousands of Schooling and Beautiful Reef Fish Species

Chance to Encounter:

Great Hammerheads • Manta Rays • Eagle Rays • Mobula Rays • Leatherback Turtles • Green Turtles • Olive Ridley Turtles • Whale Sharks • Bull Sharks • Tiger Sharks • Nurse Sharks