Englishman’s Bay • Scotch on the Rocks

This dive is situated on the eastern side of Englishman’s bay, as you begin your descent huge boulder formations can be seen, with a few swim through and crevices to explore, divers are greeted by the thousands of Creole wrasse that reside here. As the dive progresses you start heading south alongside a wall full of color and a deep sandy slope cascading below down into the depth. Frequently seen here are spotted eagle rays, huge pelagic Almaco Jacks and Hawksbill turtles all traveling with the tide lines that traverse alongside our Great Wall. A great way to start your dive-cation with an easy going dive for the refresher who hasn’t been in the water for a while.

Depth Range

max 115ft / 35m

Likely to Encounter:

Nurse Sharks • Black Tip Reef Sharks • Moray Eels • Hawksbill Turtles • Rock Beauties • Rainbow Runners • Giant Trevallies • Thousands of Schooling and Beautiful Reef Fish Species

Chance to Encounter:

Great Hammerheads • Manta Rays • Eagle Rays • Mobula Rays • Leatherback Turtles • Green Turtles • Olive Ridley Turtles • Whale Sharks • Bull Sharks • Tiger Sharks • Nurse Sharks