Boulder Brain Coral

Located in Speyside, this collosal is king of the brain corals in the Caribbean, measuring 15ft (4.5m) tall and 20ft (6m) wide, and sits in 60ft (18m) of water.

Depth Range

60ft / 18m

Likely to Encounter:

Nurse Sharks • Black Tip Reef Sharks • Moray Eels • Hawksbill Turtles • Rock Beauties • Rainbow Runners • Giant Trevallies • Thousands of Schooling and Beautiful Reef Fish Species

Chance to Encounter:

Great Hammerheads • Manta Rays • Eagle Rays • Mobula Rays • Leatherback Turtles • Green Turtles • Olive Ridley Turtles • Whale Sharks • Bull Sharks • Tiger Sharks • Nurse Sharks