5 Sisters • Rock Beauty Point • Advanced

Named after the vast numbers of Rock Beauty Angelfish to be found, this dive is classified as a Mini Galapagos. Littered with most Caribbean species of reef fish, soft corals, and pelagic fish by the huge numbers, this site is mind blowing for our little piece of paradise. Starting on the most westerly rock of the 5 sisters, the dive heads in a north easterly direction, making it a wonderful dive for the afternoon as the sun illuminates it at the best angle. Two rare species of the Angel family also reside here, the Shy Cherub Angel and the even more rare of the two, the elusive Flame Back Angel. Macro photography at its best at this dive site, so make sure and bring your spare batteries and strobes for epic memories to be captured.

Depth Range

max 125ft / 38m

Likely to Encounter:

Nurse Sharks • Black Tip Reef Sharks • Moray Eels • Hawksbill Turtles • Rock Beauties • Rainbow Runners • Giant Trevallies • Thousands of Schooling and Beautiful Reef Fish Species

Chance to Encounter:

Great Hammerheads • Manta Rays • Eagle Rays • Mobula Rays • Leatherback Turtles • Green Turtles • Olive Ridley Turtles • Whale Sharks • Bull Sharks • Tiger Sharks • Nurse Sharks